Security infrastructure can be made irrelevant by a poorly-trained user base. Teaching them a security-oriented mindset is a step that must be taken for complete assurance of your security landscape.

Security Awareness & Training

One of the largest and most prominent threats to your information security and IT networks is not a technical error or vulnerability, but rather human error.  Fable Security provides anti-phishing training to perfect your network security awareness and increase the strength of your security.  With your staff aware of the tactics used by hackers to gain access to the system, you can better protect yourself from attempts.

Phishing is among the most common methods used by hackers to find their way into your network.  Instead of using complex programs and targeting weaknesses in your security infrastructure, phishing targets individuals and uses their social media profiles or direct communication to discover information that can help them access your network.  This may be as simple as sending an email and clicking a seemingly innocent link, whereby the hacker can then infiltrate the network.  Fable Security shows you and your staff what to look for in detail so you can stay protected.

Stop phishing attacks from affecting your business.

Key benefits include:

  • Anti-phishing training to staff
  • Providing awareness of tactics used by hackers
  • Demonstrating what to look for to prevent phishing