Every business has information at risk which requires a secure implementation of the network. Fable Security’s wireless assessment will audit the wireless infrastructure and will help secure the company’s wireless access.

Wireless Assessment

Your wireless infrastructure gives you access to your IT tools and keeps your organization moving fast and efficiently.  When your wireless network shows signs of deteriorating, or worse, if
unauthorized parties are accessing your network, it can mean trouble for your business.  Fable Security performs wireless assessments and wireless infrastructure security testing to make sure that your wireless network is secure and operating at top speed.

The assessment addresses a variety of risk factors and uses airtight methods to close off any weaknesses, such as detecting signal bleed outside your building, the encryption methods protecting your system and the review of wireless infrastructure diagrams and policies.  Fable Security may utilize penetration testing to mimic the attempts of unauthorized access by knowledgeable, determined parties and then seal any vulnerability where hackers might gain access to your system.

Guard the technology you depend on with expert assistance from IT technicians and the latest cyber security and attack prevention methods. 

Key benefits include:

  • Detecting signs of deteriorating
  • Assuring the wireless network operates at top speed
  • Closing off any weaknesses
  • Penetration testing to mimic unauthorized acess