We deal specifically with the security of websites, web applications and web services.  We provide visibility into the web application’s security posture and assist in shoring up any vulnerability.

Web Application Security Review

Online applications give you, your staff, clients and customers more capabilities than ever before, allowing the people in your network to access the information they need from nearly anywhere.  These versatile structures can also create threats to your business and openings for attack if not properly monitored. Fable Security conducts web application security reviews to secure the safety of your online applications and make sure they are safe to use.

Fable Security’s website security checks deals with the underlying infrastructure supporting your website, web applications and web services.  As you, your staff and customers access these programs and store, transmit or process information, it is important to keep this data safe and confidential. By examining the firewalls and foundations behind your web applications, Fable Security pinpoints vulnerability and corruption that could be used to attack your web applications and gain access to your information.

Whether you are securing your website in accordance with regulatory requirements or you are concerned about the safety of your information long-term, Fable Security can help.

Key benefits include:

  • Secures the safety of your online applications
  • Checks deals with the underlying infrastructure
  • Examining the firewalls and foundations
  • Pinpoints any possible vulnerability and corruption