Help protect your systems and informational assets by evaluating the security architecture of your networks and logical security controls of your current system.

Security Architecture Review

A solid IT foundation is essential to building a strong, effective and efficient company, yet cracks in this foundation can cause serious problems for the integrity and safety of your business. Fable Security ensures the stability and safety of your network with a complete cyber security architecture review, examining every element of your IT system.

Fable Security will review your security architecture and assess where improvements are needed and will report on the steps that need to be taken to provide proper security for your company. A network firewall review which inspects the protections guarding your information, including your website, database, communications, file integrity systems and more. Fable Security begins by inspecting the regulatory climate surrounding your business, and ensuring your system effectively supports all necessary rules. After, an assessment is conducted which targets any areas of your system not in adherence with proper protocol. Fable Security then provides recommendations and preemptive planning to ensure all threats are controlled and any weaknesses addressed.

Strengthen your security and give peace of mind to your clients, customers and staff through a network firewall review.

Key benefits include:

  • Ensures stability and saftey within your network
  • Assess where improvements are needed
  • Providing recommendations against any weaknesses
  • Preemptive planning to ensure threats are controlled