How secure is your company? We specialize in assessing networks and determining where you need help. We assess all different aspects of your network including what is on the wire all the way up to your policies.

Cyber Security Assessment

Organizations often lack the internal resources and expertise to keep up with the ever-changing security and regulatory landscape. Typically, those organizations do not have the skill set and time to frequently test and assess their networks, overall security posture and all their applications and web applications. Consulting expertise is often required to elevate their security profile, reduce risk and achieve compliance.

Fable Security services provide organizations with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security evaluations that assess risk. We address logical, physical, and technical/non-technical threats to an environment. We can help you to identify gaps that create risk, construct a stronger security posture, and confidently meet compliance and regulatory mandates.

Key benefits include:

  • An extra set of eyes assessing your security operations
  • Proving your organization with the expertise needed
  • Saving the time and effort of your internal team
  • Constructing stronger security measures