If your network is running slow, your database is not cooperating or your computers are showing signs of vulnerability. Fable Security’s experienced IT analysts inspect your network for signs of attack and weaknesses to eliminate damages and prevent further exposure.

There are many factors that cause your computers to run slow, your network to lose efficiency or cause your confidential information to become uncovered. Hackers are continuously developing new exploits and programs to delve into your database or online applications. Typically Hackers go unseen and take advantage of your information. Fable Security performs cyber security assessments in the same way that
today’s most capable hackers would, finding weaknesses in your system and then providing a road map on what needs to be done to mitigate the risks. Fable Security is working on your side, giving you the knowledge and capabilities to limit your risks.

Fight hackers, malware, denial of service attacks and other potential threats with even more advanced security. Fable Security gives you the latest IT assets to fight and prevent even the most determined attacks.

Our assessments include:

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